Business area Interior Design and Furnishings is composed of companies offering interior design products and subsystems for educational, office and private and public environments. Read about the companies and product areas within the business area below and visit their respective homepages or contact us for additional information. For information about more of our companies, head on over to pages Industrial Tools and Industrial Components in Polymer Materials.

Glimakra of Sweden AB

Glimakra of Sweden AB is a leading Scandinavian developer and manufacturer of customized interior design subsystems for office and public environments. Its product line is mainly composed of room dividers and acoustic screens, particularly developed to combine visual and acoustic design, but includes work booths, tables and seating, reception desks and storage and more as well. The products are timeless and of superior quality, and, as part of Glimakra’s endeavors to have as little environmental impact as possible, the company uses 100% renewable energy, suppliers in the immediate area and pure, unmixed materials facilitating recycling. Most of the products produced are labelled with Möbelfakta.

Part of Glimakra of Sweden is product area Wallsystems, concerning laminated products for public environments, and WallRibbon, concerning sound absorbing wall panels for the private market.

Glimakra of Sweden started its operations in 1948 and is located in Glimåkra, Sweden. Besides, the company has, since 2016, a production unit for furniture component manufacturing in Tranås, Sweden. Glimakra of Sweden is part of the Garpco group since 2007.

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TreCe AB

TreCe AB is a leading developer of storage and recycling solutions, and its products are designed from a perspective that includes both aesthetics and quality, function and usability. The company creates solutions for the modern as well as the for the activity-based office and public environments, in close cooperation with the customer, and they can, through full control of the entire production, ensure that their high demands on environment and quality are met. Several of the products produced are approved by Möbelfakta.

TreCe started its operations in 1973 and is located in Norrköping, Sweden. Besides, the company has showrooms in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo. TreCe is part of the Garpco group since 2019.


Wallsystems has been the leading supplier of partitions for public wet areas, such as showers and changing rooms, in Sweden for decades. The end customer can be found in everything from sports facilities to camping grounds, where there is need for easy to clean spaces. The partitions are primarily made from laminates, to obtain a satisfactory quality over the course of their expected lifespan.

Wallsystems is part of the Garpco group since 2012 as a product area of Glimakra of Sweden AB. The products are manufactured in Glimakra of Sweden’s facility in Tranås, Sweden.


WallRibbon is a product area intended for the private market regarding sound absorbing panels for indoor environments. The product line consists of strips of wood on soundproofing rugs as well as solid wall panels, and the products come in several different types of wood, colors and finishes, always in minimalistic Scandinavian design.

WallRibbon is part of the Garpco group since 2021 as a product area of Glimakra of Sweden AB. The products are manufactured in Glimakra of Sweden’s facilities in Tranås and Glimåkra (both in Sweden).


Alnäs is a classic within the furniture for educational environments area and it has been around for over 70 years. The products, with their solid wooden details, can last for an entire generation and are sold with a 20 year warranty.

The brand Alnäs is part of the Garpco group since 2021. The products are manufactured in Glimakra of Sweden’s facility in Tranås, Sweden.

Qbena AB

Qbena AB is a changing table and preschool coat room furnishings specialist, and the company was a pioneer in the area of adjustable height changing tables when it was founded and has been supplying equipment for day cares, schools, home and disability adaptions ever since. The company can, thanks to a flexible and adaptable production, offer products according to customers’ specific requirements and assure quality in each step.

Qbena started its operations in 1986 and is located in Motala, Sweden. Qbena is part of the Garpco group since 2022.