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Focusing on expansion and long-term development we create profitability in an ever-growing group

Garpco is an investment company focused on long-term ownership and development of small and medium-sized companies. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, we create a profitable group of companies, operating within three business areas: Industrial Tools, Industrial Components in Polymer Materials, and Interior Design and Furnishings. Welcome!

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A Common Sense Growth Philosophy

Since 1996, Garpco AB has been creating growth through further development of its subsidiaries, as well as through acquisitions of small and medium-sized companies. Our subsidiaries operate independently, based on good customer knowledge, and our collected competence and size is seen as a supportive resource in the development of result-oriented and creative business operations, structural alignment and long-term financial stability.

Do not hesitate to contact us in matters concerning the Garpco Group areas of business competence, or in connection with mergers and acquisitions. We take an open approach to our business commitments, also including other interesting business areas, based on our underlying ambition to diversify and strengthen our business operations.

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