Here is information about the Garpco share, major shareholders and insiders; there are links to annual and quarterly reports and notices of general meetings for download; key ratios and numbers and information about the subsidiaries; information about risk management; calendar; presentations and media for download; and more that could be of interest for investors, shareholders and others.

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The Share and Shareholders

Information about the Garpco share and trade, shareholders, dividend and insiders.

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Corporate Governance

Information about the Annual General Meeting and Articles of Association.

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Financial information

Annual and quarterly reports and notices of general meetings are available for download.

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Key Ratios

Key ratios and information and numbers about the subsidiaries.

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Risk Management

Information about financial and operational risk management.

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Coming dates at Garpco.

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Presentations and Media

Presentations about Garpco and its brands and companies, as well as miscellaneous media files, available for download.

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Search through previously published pressreleases and subscribe to future ones.