This page contains key ratios and historical financial performance comparison and information about the subsidiaries.

Historical Financial Performance

All amounts in ’000s SEK if not otherwise specified.

Net Sales566 649412 576371 228371 959378 201
EBITDA45 33929 84233 35725 60135 347
Earnings Before Taxes22 77810 39413 7069 93520 431
Total Assets405 882323 294287 044289 310277 350
Equity187 992159 573151 378137 241140 364
Solidity (%)4649534851
Return on Total Capital (%)74548
Return on Equity (%)13710715
Number of Employees331287260263274
Profit per Share (SEK) 18,239,0213,708,3117,91
Dividend per Share (SEK)12,00


Business Area Industrial Tools

Swedex AB in Mjölby and in Stockholm: One of northern Europe’s leading manufacturers of carbide-tipped saw blades and manufacturer of high quality electroplated grinding tools. The company also provides diamond-tipped saw blades.

Business Area Industrial Components in Polymer Material

UW-ELAST AB in Mariestad, Traryd and Burseryd: Manufacturing and sale of cast polyurethane products and polyurethane coatings. Manufacturing and sale of customized details in foamed polyurethane. Injection-moulding of polyurethane parts, and marketing and sale of rubber rollers. Production is organised in three production units located in Mariestad, Traryd and Burseryd.

Gotlands Gummifabrik AB in Hemse, Gotland: Subcontractor of rubber and silicone components to a large number of customers within e.g. the following industries: Medical, Cabling, Design, Automotive and PPE.

TMRubber Sp. z o.o. in Dobra, Polen: Manufacturer of rubber and silicone products.

Loxitec AB in Burseryd: In January 2022 employees and operations have been transferred to UW-ELAST AB. The production facility in Burseryd will be renamed ”UW Burseryd”.

Sonoform AB in Tranås: Producer of high quality polyurethane composite boards for the building sector.

Business Area Interior Design and Furnishings

Glimakra of Sweden AB in Glimåkra and Tranås: A leading Scandinavian developer and manufacturer of customized subsystems for public interior design. Production is organised in two production units located in Glimåkra and Tranås.

TreCe AB in Norrköping: A leading Scandinavian developer of storage furniture and products for recycling. The TreCe headquarters is in Norrköping with showrooms in both Stockholm and Oslo.

Qbena AB in Motala: Changing table and coat room furnishings specialist for preschool environments, as well as furnishings for elementary school environments.

Number of Employees

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