Garpco is a holding company whose business concept consists of acquisitions and long-term development of small and medium-sized industrial and commercial companies. Through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth we create a profitable group of companies, guaranteeing our subsidiaries’ requirements for competent personnel and growth capital, as well as creating satisfactory returns on invested capital for our shareholders.

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Business Concept

Our overall business concept concerns the acquisition and long-term development of small and medium-sized companies.

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Operational Strategy

Our subsidiaries operate independently, based on good customer knowledge, and we are a resource in their business operations development.

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We aim to expand our operations and have developed methods of analysis and assessment for company acquisition processes.

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Our History

Since 1996, Garpco is the parent company in a group where long-term ownership is and always has been a cornerstone.

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Board of Directors

The Garpco board members have great collected competence in managing industrial and commercial companies.

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Creating Profitability through Expert Competence and Independent Thinking

We have great collected experience of leading industrial and commercial companies and are, with our competence and size, a supportive resource in the development of result-oriented and creative business operations in our subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries operate independently, based on good customer knowledge, and develop in harmony with opportunities within their individual areas of competence. Thus, we create profitability through expert competence and independent thinking.

“Garpco’s vision is to create a well-developed group of industrial and commercial companies with focus on small and medium-sized companies, within different niches. Garpco distinguishes itself as a strong and resilient holding company with great competence in refining present subsidiaries as well as acquiring and integrating additional ones into the group.”

— Ingrid Salén, Board Chairman