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Garpco was founded in Jönköping, Sweden, in 1984 by Leif Garpheden and was run primarily as a consulting company in business management and development the first twelve years. Polyurethane manufacturer UW-ELAST AB, still today within the company group, was acquired in 1996 and became the start of Garpco’s journey as a pronounced holding company.

Between 1996 and 1998, through subsidiary Garpco Energikomfort AB, Garpco was one of IVT’s major resellers of heat pumps in Sweden. In connection with the divestment of Garpco Energikomfort in 1998, to one of its partners, Garpco acquired saw blade manufacturer Swedex AB, like UW-ELAST still within the company group.

With UW-ELAST and Swedex in the company group, laid was the foundation of what was to become Garpco’s three distinct business areas: UW-ELAST in Industrial Components in Polymer Materials and Swedex in Industrial Tools. The third area—Interior Design and Furnishings—came into existence in 2007 through the acquisition of Glimakra of Sweden AB, manufacturer of customised subsystems for public interior design. Glimakra of Sweden is still today within the company group.

Today, Garpco is the parent company of a company group creating growth through further development of its subsidiaries as well as through acquisitions of small and medium-sized companies within business areas Industrial Tools, Industrial Components in Polymer Materials, and Interior Design and Furnishings. A long-term approach to its business activities is and has been a corner-stone of Garpco’s business concept.

Garpco History Timeline

(A more comprehensive timeline can be found on our Swedish website.)


Garpco Konsult AB is founded in Jönköping, Sweden.


Garpco Konsult AB changes name to Garpco AB.


Garpco Energikomfort AB is started up by Garpco AB as a reseller of IVT heat pumps.

Acquisition of UW-ELAST AB, and the start of business area Industrial Components in Polymer Materials.


Divestment of Garpco Energikomfort.

Acquisition of Swedex AB, and the start of business area Industrial Tools.


UW-ELAST acquires Industripolyuretan AB (IPAB).


UW-ELAST acquires Jiloplast AB.


Swedex Ltd is started up, with Swedex AB as partner, as a reseller in the UK of Swedex’s products.


Jiloplast is divested.

UW-ELAST acquires Interpur AB and Gu-No Rubber AB. IPAB takes over business operations from Interpur and Gu-No Rubber is incorporated into UW-ELAST.


UW-ELAST takes over business operations and personell from IPAB.

UW-ELAST acquires Trekollán AB.

Acquisition of Glimakra Akvamatik AB (to be Glimakra of Sweden AB), and the start of business area Interior Design and Furnishings.


Garpco’s Class B-share is traded for the first time.

Swedex acquires Vistträsk Slipservice AB.


UW-ELAST takes over business operations and personell from Trekollán.


Swedex acquires Diamantprofil AB.


Acquisition of Awal AB and its subsidiary Awal Display AB to business area Interior Design and Furnishings.


UW-ELAST acquires Gotlands Gummifabrik (GGF) AB.

Divestment of Vistträsk Slipservice.

Glimakra of Sweden acquires product area Wallsystems.


UW-ELAST acquires Connys Industri och Formverktygsservice AB (CIFAB).


Swedex takes over business operations and personell from Diamantprofil.

Glimakra of Sweden acquires Fanérami Sweden AB and incorporates it into its current operations.


UW-ELAST acquires TMRubber Sp. z o.o.

UW-ELAST acquires Polyteknik i Mariestad AB.

Swedex acquires Strand Verktyg AB.


UW-ELAST takes over business operations and personell from Polyteknik.


UW-ELAST moves its production in Töreboda to its main facilities in Mariestad.

Glimakra of Sweden acquires TreCe AB, but the company will still be run as separate company.

The business operations of Awal Display are divested and the company is renamed to Garpco Innovations AB, which will focus on product development.


Swedex moves its production in Tyresö to Skogås.

Glimakra of Sweden acquires furniture brand Alnäs, and the business operations will be run separately through subsidiary Alnäs Interiör AB.


UW-ELAST acquires LoxiTec AB.

Swedex divests its shares in Swedex Ltd, but Swedex Ltd will continue selling Swedex’s products.

Glimakra of Sweden starts up product area WallRibbon.


UW-ELAST takes over business operations and personell from LoxiTec.

UW-ELAST acquires Sonoform AB.

Glimakra of Sweden acquires Qbena AB.

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