Garpco is a growth-oriented group of companies, expanding through business development and organic growth, through product development and new market initiatives, as well as through acquisitions of small and medium-sized companies matching the group’s business profile.

Garpco is represented on the board of each of its subsidiaries. However, group management is not involved in any day-to-day activities and operations. Our subsidiaries operate independently, based on good customer knowledge and quick responses to their customers’ needs, and Garpco’s collected competence and size is seen as a supportive resource in the development of result-oriented and creative business operations, structural alignment, good financial strategies and long-term financial stability. This is what constitutes our common sense growth philosophy. The philosophy is based on the following key words:

Simplicity: The companies have short and unpretentious decision processes where a flat hierarchy invites every employee to suggest operational improvements.

Effectiveness: The companies are managed with good organization, without unnecessary bureaucracy, and with focus on customer benefit.

Renewal: As the subsidiaries focus on specialized products it is necessary with a constant will to adjust and improve one’s offer.

Accountability and Freedom: Despite being part of a group of companies, the local subsidiary management is expected to run the company independently, as if self-employed, as long as the company delivers in accordance with agreed upon budget or better and with group policies and guidelines.

Safety: The group’s size, diversity and financial stability enable individual challenges within the subsidiaries to be managed with focus on long-term profitability.

Long-term development is a prime concept in the Garpco business strategy. By taking a down-to-earth perspective, we allow our subsidiaries to develop in harmony with significant opportunities within their individual areas of competence. Naturally, it is also part of our long-term business perspective to be able to make offensive moves, based on preconsideration, forward planning and proactive thinking.

The group is currently divided into three distinct business areas. However, we take an open approach to our business commitments, also including other interesting business areas, based on our underlying ambition to diversify and strengthen our business operations. This is a strategy which is in harmony with and reflects the management competencies represented among the Garpco owners and board members regarding industrial and commercial companies.