The Garpco group is, with wholly owned subsidiaries, brands and product areas, divided into three distinct business areas: Industrial Tools, Industrial Components in Polymer Materials, and Interior Design and Furnishings. Within each area are leading companies within their individual areas of competence, and together they form a very competent and diverse group of companies. Our subsidiaries supply components and tools to the manufacturing industry and they furnish offices, schools and private and public environments, and are, thanks to a flexible and adjustable production, able to satisfy most customer needs within their respective fields.

Ikon med sågklinga

Industrial Tools

Business area Industrial Tools includes companies offering products and services within cutting tools, such as circular, clearing and band saw blades.

Ikon med molekyl

Industrial Components in Polymer Materials

Business area Industrial Components in Polymer Materials consists of companies that manufacture and sell products made of polyurethane and rubber and silicone.

Ikon med skärmvägg

Interior Design and Furnishings

Business area Interior Design and Furnishings is composed of companies offering interior design products and subsystems for educational, office and private and public environments.


A Company Group Focusing on Business Growth and Development

We are constantly looking for ways to expand the group, improve competency and increase market shares through acquisitions and business development, and via synergies within our business areas. By focused work with a clear direction we create a company group focusing on business growth and development, both enterprising and thoughtful.

“Garpco acquires and refines small and medium-sized companies with the goal of becoming industry leading within its field. Together with local subsidiary management, we create a long-term strategy where growth and profitability go hand in hand. Several of our production units are located in the Swedish countryside, where we can employ competent and longtime loyal coworkers.”

— Markus Strand, CEO